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SINO-MINE International CO.,LTDIntroduction:

•Sino-Minemet International Co., Ltd. (SINO-MINEMET) is an international trading company and was reconstructed from Sino-Minemet International Trade (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., registered in 1997.

• Sino-Minemet International Co., Ltd is exporting ferroalloys, non-ferrous metal, graphite products, rare earth products, steel products, metal forging and casting products, ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves, special and noble ferroalloy, inoculants, metal powder, refractory products ,cored wires and other related products.

•And Import of Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore ,Nickel Ore,Iron ore,Copper, FeCr,and Nb Ore.

• Sino-Minemet is growing year on year, and trade volume was around 50-100Million US dollars year in the past years.

•Sino-Minemet is growing to be leading house of metallurgical raw materials and wish to be your creditable partner.

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