Sino-Minemet International Co., Ltd. (SINO-MINEMET for short) is an international trading company. International trade businesses of Sino-Minemet is exporting ferroalloy, non-ferrous metal, graphite products, rare earth products, steel products, metal forging and casting products, ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves, special and noble ferroalloy, inoculants, metal powder, refractory products and other related products.

   The main export products are: Ferro Silicon,Ferro Silicon Manganese, Ferro Manganese, LC and MC Ferro Chrome, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Tungsten, Ferro Molybdenum Noble Alloys, Silicon Metal (553,441,3303,2202), Manganese Metal falkes, Lumpy and Briquttes, Maganesium Metal ingot, Alloys and Powder, Calcium Silicon and Calcium Metal Powder, Cored Wires, Ferro Silicon Maganesium rare earth, Ferro Silicon Barium, Silicon Aluminium, Caclium silicon Manganese, and other inoculants and De-Oxidants.

      SINO-MINEMET imports Manganese ore, chrome Ore, and Copper concentrates. Ferro chrome High Carbon ,Ferro Titanium, and other alloys to Chinese market.

    SINO-MINEMET is a major trader of Bulk ferroalloys and Producer of Caclium silcion ,which it is produced by 30000kva Arc Furnace in China. With certified by ISO9002 ,SINO-MINEMET has strict management of quality and service.

SINO-MINE International CO.,LTD


SINO-MINE International CO.,LTD

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